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Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter, a Free to play MMO based on the D andD roleplaying game and packed with epic tales and adventure.

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Enjoying an Exciting ARPG Adventure In Neverwinter

The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons undoubtedly inspired many developers in crafting recent rpg titles that most people enjoy. One of those titles that strongly affected by D&D's success are Cryptic Studio's, Neverwinter, which combined action rpg element along with MMO, crafting a fine combo. This outing is set in that common medieval fantasy realm, where players are being given the role as a hero, who must help the Neverwinter realm from evil force that are planning to destroy it. Gamer will be experiencing an intense, yet fun gaming adventure as they embark into that intriguing world filled with unique races and tough battles.

Being a full 3D setup outing, Neverwinter will require certain PC requirement, including 1GB amount of RAM for down-loadable content. After concluding all of that basic stuff, players will be given the opportunity to choose which race they are keen on playing and also picking out their preferred class afterward. There are plenty option of playable races being provided until now, though some of them can only be accessed with certain conditions. As for the classes, gamer are also being spoil with choices, so they can basically check out which one that suit their playing style the most since it will have pretty huge impact during battles. Gamer who are making the wrong choice can experience many difficulties in their gaming journey, both in PvE or PvP experience.

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The basic gameplay of this title is quite similar with other online rpg, as players are being asked to finish several quests which some will led them into battles against enemies, exploring many areas along with dungeons. However, there are also several addition setups that Neverwinter introduce to game lovers such as Dungeon Delves and Skirmishes, which both are an interesting private PvE adventure that put groups consisting of five characters that are engaged in interesting battles. There are also Campaigns along with Events that should keep game lovers quite busy and entertained while enjoying their gaming experience.

Completing those adventures will surely provide players with many rewards that are required to further improving their character's status and make them much stronger. Aside from those PvE related features, there are also other interesting stuff being offered by this game, one that stand out the most is the Foundry, which is a content-creation system that provide game lovers with the chance in creating their own quests inside Neverwinter world. Not only can they enjoy that setup on their own, but gamer can also allow their self created quests to be played by others as well. Under certain conditions, it's even possible for players to level up their character through that community created quests.

The game control for Neverwinter is nothing uncommon for MMORPG games as it combines basic mouse movement along with the iconic WASD keyboard controls. There are also other keys being used for additional setup such as mount usage, skills, interaction, checking out inventory and many more. Another important thing that players must be aware of is that their mouse can also turn into targeting mode, which is usually used during battles. In combat, gamer will still be using that combination of keys and mouse, but since there's no auto-targeting being set in this outing, gamer must come up with certain strategy in order to defeat their enemies.

Regarding its' graphic, despite can't be considered as the most realistic visual compared MMORPG in this era, Neverwinter is still offering excellent viewing for game lovers. The character design is quite unique, albeit is not being set in a pretty fashion, but remain interesting enough to enjoy. A slight minor from the display might be during the game where players are armoring their hero, as at that moment many characters can pretty much look quite similar. However, that shouldn't be much of an issue as gamer can still experiences a fine visualization of the majestic world of Neverwinter along with its mysterious races.

Although this game have a pretty good amount of PvP options, but the developer doesn't seem to set too much focus on it as things are not actually as intriguing as other online RPGs. It's not a secret that Neverwinter offer a much more interesting PvE experience as they even crafted plenty fun setup for that features. There's also a critic regarding the lack of end game features on this outing, something that make Neverwinter's longevity a big question mark for many gamer. There's still hope that things might eventually be upgraded though, so game lover who are keen on enjoying end game stuff might eventually get what they want in this title.

Overall, Neverwinter is an interesting option for those who are enjoying Action RPG adventure and keen on experiencing that setup online. Despite several issues regarding its price Zen Cash shop, lack of end game features and some other stuff, this outing offer so many interesting things that can keep gamer on their PC screen for quite some time. Although it requires certain requirement to play, Neverwinter is not a title that will bring too much disappointment, especially for MMORPG lover as they are set to experience an exciting gaming adventure while playing it.

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