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Avant Garde

Avant Garde Avant-Garde is a rpg, simulation game where you play as an artist in 19th century Paris. Create paintings, meet artists like Monet, Picasso and Dali, participate in artistic movements such as impressionism and surrealism or even create your own movement. “You can befriend artists like Courbet, Bouguereau, Cézanne, Picasso, Van Gogh and other artists of the time – or become their rival. Unfold their storylines as you play and live history like it was happening in front of your eyes. For example, William-Adolphe Bouguereau is a rich and famous artist, but modernism is threatening not only his position but what is most dear to him: beauty – can he hold off the avant-garde and preserve order?” How to play? Use only your mouse and let yourself in a inovative, ART, RPG, SIM, PAINTING game!

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Avant Garde

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1 October 2015haroldw
Parallex graphics, mind blowing concepts.   I had a lot of fun playing it.  Also I think it could be used by serious art students for concept development, Excellent.
9 February 2014AlexNabali
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