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Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2 Experiencing exciting Shooting Experience With Soldier Front 2: Keen on improving the success of their previous installment, Aeria Games introduced a follow up for their renown shooting game venture, which is now labeled as Soldier Front 2. For that second installment, the gaming company work hard in crafting something with similar fast paced action venture but have a much advanced graphic along with new modes to make things much more interesting and appealing for game lovers.

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Soldier Front 2

 Sparta: Soldier Front 2 at aka

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Soldier Front 2 Game Review

Being a MMOFPS type of game, Soldier Front 2 still offers many common features that players normally find on other FPS titles, such as Free For All, Seizure, Team Deathmatch, etc. However, compared with its predecessor, this second installment added some unique additions that brought fresh setup for those who are keen with this kind of theme. Those new setup that are touted to provide more excitement for are the likes of, Party Modes along with Hero Mores. The former is basically a battle fest where players being pitted against each others, but not to shoot at one another, instead gamer are asked to blast the floor and causing their enemies falling down into their death.

Meanwhile, as for the new Hero mode, it also combine MOBA style along with FSP to create an interesting setup where two teams each consisting of five battling it out in order to destroy one another gun installation. That special setup obviously added more values for Soldier Front 2 which already have many exciting gaming features for all FPS lovers. Before getting into that exquisite features, starting things out, gamer are being provided with three options for potential soldiers, which are: America's Delta Squad, Russia Spetsnaz's along with Mexican's GAFE. Aside from male options, players can also pick up female as their character setup though this girls are not being installed with armored gears which sort of give them the looks of cheerleaders instead of soldiers.

Similar to any FSP outings, the game play for Soldier Front 2 basically is a shooting battle which can be a solo journey or cooperation depending on what type of modes that players opted in playing. Just like it was slightly explained above each gaming features have its own rules which gamer can easily follow without much concern. Among several of those modes options, the that might provide something different for game lovers is Capture which offers an interesting tactical challenge for players. Still, not all shooting gamer are that concern with tactical display, so the versatility of modes being offered obviously a plus that this title can brag on having.

Another interesting stuff that gamer can discover in this game is the large customizable weapon as an option in battle. Starting out, players even earned themselves a pretty solid set starter pack that can be used for seven days, before gamer can start acquiring their personal choice of weapon set. Getting the right set of weapon is important as players advanced into a much harder level as it's much easier to compete against others if gamer play with the arsenals that suits their playing style best. Despite having a wide range of customizable options, purchasing certain kind of weapons in this game might not be that easy as some do require real cash. However, with certain patience and acknowledgment regarding certain rules and schedule, players can still grab exciting weapons.

Game control for Soldier Front 2 is quite similar with other FSP titles as gamer are asked to use combination between keyboard and mouse. There are several buttons that new players must try to memorize, especially those related with battles since it can be tough to win should they make the wrong moves. Those who haven't had any experience in this type of games, might not some adaptation time in knowing all the required keys, but once they get the hang of it things should really go smoothly though some advanced attacking moves might need some frequent practices.

Meanwhile, describing more about its graphical display, although supposedly being an upgrade compared to its previous title, Soldier Front 2 still not quite an enchanting game visually especially with other new titles. The music being offered is quite okay, though for those who are common with FPS thingy might be feeling rather bored with the tunes as after a while it does sound quite repetitive. Furthermore, for those who are keen with voice-chat usage when playing this kind of genre might feel rather disappointed since there's a lack of it. Basically means that FSP genre lovers must get themselves into much trouble of typing most of their commands or tactics for teammates during co-op mission.

The usage of in-game cash is kind of sneaky as well as aside from weapon purchasing, several special element that can provide much easier gaming experience often required an amount of real money. There's also some situation that gamer should be aware off such as usage of space bar for spawning their death character. Using that command without knowing anything can suddenly cost them a huge amount of SP, which might force gamer to either spent many hours in collecting it again or using real cash in getting anything they need, mostly weapons.

Overall, Soldier Front 2 is a pretty interesting MMOFSP outing that could provide many entertainment for game lovers of that genre or even those who basically keen with any type of shooter outing. Several issues regarding its sneaky micro-transaction, lack of voice-chat along with several other minor stuff can still be slightly put away since this outing does have some attractive features that trigger fun and excitement for those playing it. Although the gaming requirement can be quite bothersome for some PC user, but it's still a reasonable conditions, though for those who have limited amount of space in their setup should reconsider their option before downloading this game.

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