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Asta Online

Asta Online ASTA Online: The War of Tears and Winds. ASTA is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG being developed by Polygon Games and is available for download on PC.ASTA, an Asian fantasy MMORPG which depicts a fantastic oriental world and is scheduled to start closed beta within 2010, is the first project of the newly established game company in South Korea - Polygon Games. The game features a great world view, as well as high-quality graphics rendered by CryEngine 2. ASTA has a unique art design and great attention to detail in its environments and characters, while also bringing back some of the most popular features found in the most beloved MMOs at the moment, such as customizable attributes and talent trees. Via this customization, players will be able to create their perfect character and have more freedom in their choices. The Divine Spirit System and jewelry crafting allow for extensive customization as well, letting players fine-tune their specializations even further. Some of ASTA’s most notable features include: A vibrant fantasy setting inspired by Asian myths and legends Dense and suspenseful storylines and quests A dungeon and raid finder for cooperative group play PvP battlegrounds, arenas, and guild battles Extensive character customization, with unique systems such as Divine Spirits If you’re interested in participating in the beta test, head over to the official ASTA website and sign up!

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Asta Online

Asta Online

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