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Ork Buster

Ork Buster Welcome to the official Ork Buster website. In Ork Buster you will embark on a mysterious and exciting journey in which you will face powerful enemies such as the legendary Sphinx, the immortal White Snake, and the many-headed Hydra. You will experience love, loss, and ultimately...betrayal. The wheel of fate is ever spinning and none can tell what the future holds.

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Ork Buster

Ork Buster

Click the picture,Play Ork Buster,A Keybord and Mouse Action MMORPG Game!

Ork Buster Review

Ork Buster is a free to play tower defense game that you can play on the internet. It is playable inside your own web browser so no downloading is required. All you need to do is register your details and you can start playing it right away. Before the game loads, the first thing that you have to do is create your own character and choose a class type. The class type is actually tied to the gameís difficulty too as some classes are easier to hand in battle than others. Itís worth mentioning you cannot alter the appearance for your character, but you do have the option to play as either a male or female.

ork buster screenshoot 1

The first class you can be is the Archer. The Archer is the easiest class because they have great movement and speed. Next up you have the Knight. They have great defence but are hard to play as because of their short range attacks. Thirdly there is the Mage which are good at magic attacks. Their difficulty is normal. Last we have the Gunner. Gunners also have a normal difficulty because they have great attack power and can shoot from mid-range. After choosing a character you want to be, the game takes a few seconds to load and you are then playing the first level which serves as the tutorial. Itís your normal tower defense style of as orcs (or orks as spelled in this game) come from the left side of the screen and your job is to stop them from getting to the right side. There are many ways you can prevent them from crossing the other side.

ork buster screenshoot 2

At your disposal you can conjure up many different towers that occupy the pathway that the orks are walking on. This includes an Arrow Tower, a Turret, a Magic Tower and a Magic Tower. All of the different towers bombard the invading orks with powerful attacks and are very helpful in battle. There is a bit of strategy involved since certain towers are more powerful than others so it pays to place them where theyíll be most effective against the orks. Unlike other tower defense games, your own character can help out as well. I opted to play as the Archer and this character was awesome at eliminating so many orks. The Archer can strike arrows from a very long range and also has special attacks that can lay out the tougher orks that come by.

Much like other games, Ork Buster definitely gets much harder the longer you play. This is because more waves of orcs come around and also even literal bigger orks are there and they take a longer time to kill off. The gameplay is addictive as itís easy to learn and itís fun seeing how much damage you can do to the orks. After a wave is finished, you can opt to upgrade your towers and abilities so that you are powerful enough to take out the orks. It pays to upgrade your towers because the difficulty increases in every level you play. You wonít be able to progress just using the same equipment. You can also play side-quests outside of the main quest to help level up your abilities too.

Presentation wise,Ork Buster as a Action MMORPG game has a cute yet simplistic 2D cartoon look to it. The graphical style suits this style of game and it works. Not to mention the 2D graphics means that the game doesnít take a long time to load and almost anyone can play it through any web browser. However, my favourite part of the game is the audio. Normally in fantasy based video games, you get an orchestral soundtrack that plays in the background. In Ork Buster however, the developer chose to use a heavy metal soundtrack that sounds really cool while you are playing this game. Itís one of the best soundtracks I have ever listened to in a free to play video game before. Itís great to play this game using good speakers as the music itself is great on its own.

ork buster screenshoot 3

Overall, Ork Buster is a really great fantasy TOBA game (Tower Defense Online Battle Arena) as the gameplay is addictive yet the learning curve is not too hard for beginners to grasp. The game also has a great soundtrack and itís playable on any device as you can play it on your computer, smartphone or tablet. If you are into tower defense games, you should definitely check out Ork Buster as itís a blast to play.

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