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OGame Experiencing Interesting Tactical Sci-fi Piece with OGame :Strategy game continue to evolve into one of the most attractive genre in recent time and seemingly keen on grasping that market, Game Forge introduced an interesting outing titled, OGame which uses Sci-fi real as its theme. This oddly titled game taking game lovers into a tactical battle to take over the space and other planets by constructing army of star ships, building a strong empire, raiding on other players, but not forgetting to balance the economy so no trouble can prevent players in completing their mission .

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OGame Game Review Continues…

Before embarking further into this MMORTS outing, gamer must acknowledge that OGame visual is based on simple combination of still images along with informative text, so there won't be any luxurious 3D graphic that can be expected from it. However, for those who are more interested in experiencing an exciting strategic game play instead of enjoying colorful visual, there shouldn't be much issue in getting their hands on this title. For starter, players will be provided with one underdeveloped planet where they must find resources and build a strong economy that can eventually helped gamer in fulfilling their ambition in becoming the ruler of space in that realm.

Being given a rather empty planet, players must start from scratch which is basically gathering available resources that can be used such as, crystal, metal along with deuterium. In acquiring them, players basically must be mining those resources and after acquiring some, gamer can finally start to improve their tiny empty planet. There are many buildings that can be crafted by players in that empty world, from research center, shipyard, storage warehouse and other things that are also described by the game tutorial. Just like any game with similar genre, gamer can also upgrade their buildings as time goes to get much more high quality stuff from it.

Once players already received some positive rewards from their building process, they can finally embark into other stuff such as battling with fellow gamer. Being a text-based game, obviously there won't be any outrageous real-time ship battle, but it's more of strategic play where gamer lovers simply setting up their fleet while waiting for the final result, which mostly determined by the attacking strength of each planet's fleet. Basically, those that possessed strong troops are set to overcome their opponent and destroying its units as well. Obviously, that situation could go either way, that's why it's advised for players to immediately build a strong army as other gamer can suddenly attacked without any warning.

Talking more about the game mechanics, this outing is basically about process and strategy, which is being set up in real time. That's why players won't be able to make a sudden fast improvement while playing as they must patiently wait until the process of everything they crafted is done. It's a pretty slow paced game indeed, but for those thriving on this kind of strategy outing, might actually enjoy it as they can feel that long and winding effort eventually becomes something they're keen on having. However, those who are more used to playing a much faster paced strategy might find OGame rather boring and time wasting, especially early on where they have to wait for the building process before they can do anything else.

Furthermore, knowing that this browser based title is set as an open PvP, gamer is strongly encouraged to maximize its social feature and join any available alliance since players can easily received a sudden attack from much stronger gamer. Joining force with others can minimize those wild early attacks as one will definitely think things over before creating any problems with an alliance. Of course once gamer decided to make an alliance with others they must also be ready in providing any aids with their ally as that's a given task that player must commit on doing.

Similar with any type of MMORTS outing, OGame doesn’t have any complicated game control as gamer can simply click every commands to activate everything they're keen on doing in this game. It's basically a pretty simple stuff when talking about control, since the most noteworthy thing that players must acknowledge is their strategy to build a strong empire and overcoming all enemies. There won't be much customization either, especially regarding the ships that gamer can acquire during the course of this outing. However, there are several types of ships that players can create for their pleasure and the long path in acquiring any of that different space ship is something that could replace the joy of doing any customizing work.

Overall, OGame is an interesting text-based MMORTS that any lovers of this genre should consider in taking a look as it provides many exciting stuff. However, the long hour required in playing can really be a hindrance especially for those who might not have time in investing long regular hours in playing. Moreover, without any special visual, some new gamer, might not have any interest in taking their time to try out. Still, having the entire interesting element that tactical outing should have along with large universe, units and buildings to craft can easily attract many who have strong interest in this genre. In all this title might not be something that all players can enjoy, but those who are keen with tactical games should definitely catch their hands on this free-to-play outing.

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