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Under Control

Under Control The best social game of 2014 is now available for your browser! Under Control is a game in which you take on the role of soldiers and vehicles around the world to save them from their demise. Play Under Control, a free browser strategy game: develop your base, liberate countries, fight for precious resources in PvP battles and create combat alliances to achieve a common goal Bring freedom to the whole world! Complete with never-before-seen military tactics all in real time! You control a powerful army, have a huge arsenal, and an unwavering will to win.

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Under Control

Under Control Game

Click the Picture,Play Under Control: Free Online Strategy Browser Game!

Enjoying Fun War Themed Strategy Experience With Under Control

Fans of war or online MMORTS military based games can enjoy an interesting gaming adventure being provided by RJ Games with their browser based hit, Under Control. Being first released on social medias, this outing making its way into the browser based MMO region, giving a much wider platform for gamer who wants to play straight from the website account. The game will take game lovers into a chaotic war situation where an evil enemy is causing many problems in the future world. Being set as a Real Time Strategy setup, this outing should be an exciting option for those who are looking for some fun playing time that won't require much requirements.

Starting out, as always players must register or create an account before eventually starting their journey in an early mission which they can also learn about the gaming mechanics. In this game, players are immediately selected as the general who have all authority in leading his troops to battle every enemies. For the story mode, game lover must find a way to defeat the evil tyrant General Krieg, who are trying to destroy everything. However, not only having a concern in finding ways to defeat that main enemy, in this outing, gamer can also be threatened by other players via PvP setup which allows everyone to attack each others. Despite being a social and free browser game and browser based game, Under Control do have a wide range of playing features as aside from strategic war battle, they can also create their own army and prepare everything needed for war.

After comfortably completing the early mission, game lover can start check out all available features via head quarter where they can pick what they're keen on doing, developing or continue their mission. However, before players are able to build anything, they must reach certain minimum level requirement, which can be done by finishing some early story line tasks. There are several stuff that gamer can built, from buildings for civilian or facilities needed in improving their soldiers. As for the army, aside from improving their stats via leveling up, players can also create new ones by providing military training for normal people. Having such clear explanation for every features, it won't be hard for every gamer to build what they need.

As for the battle, as it was previously explained above, this game is basically a real time strategy so game enthusiasts will only need to place their army in certain areas on enemy territories. Players can gradually place their soldiers in the appropriate grid, so they won't have to concern about running out of men in the battlefield. Moreover, there are different type of army that can be used, from those specializing in firearm combat to bomber, war vehicles such as tanks and others. Those options obviously brought plenty excitement during every combat as game lover can strategically set up what and when their troops are being deployed into the battle ground. There are no control needed during battles as once the soldiers are unleashed they automatically attack their opponents. The winner or losers can be viewed from blood bar placed in the upper screen during each battles.

This game's control is naturally quite simple as just like many other social/browser based games, players are only needed to use their mouse clicks to complete every action. Considering the battle is automated, gamer only need certain preparation and strategy to win without activating any attack button. The simplicity might sound dull, but considering the amount of features being provided this type of gaming handle is very appropriate as players can just focus on their tactics while playing. Under Control also provide fun music, audio along with nice graphic quality, which reminds us of the classic metal slug or contra. Certainly one of the most visually pleasing browser based game that anyone can found today, though it's not anything super spectacular, but still have enough quality for gamer lover from any genre to enjoy.

Under Control PVP setup is also quite fun as it offer thrilling challenge for gamer to battle others and earn many exciting rewards. Adding more fun, there's also special PVP Challenges along with quests that gamer lover can enjoy in this outing. Aside from completing the exciting story mode, this versus setup always offer certain kind of entertainment for online gamer, who are keen on testing out the army they created. In all, those playing this title won't be experiencing much boredom such as what gamer can experience in strategy game with building based feature. Still, the loading time can be an issue for those who don't have smooth Internet connection or those having to open other windows while playing.

Unfortunately, since it's a strategy game which put the gamer in full control of troops, there are no options made for character customization. Everything is practically similar, but it doesn't really matter since players won't be entering any battle ground so creating any character as an avatar might be considered redundant. Although the visual is pretty enjoyable, but there's still not many complex or totally different background scenes being created. However, that shouldn't give too much of a downer, since the fun factor provided while playing this title somehow managed to give gamer enough enjoyable moment that take them away from worrying about technical stuff.

Final Verdict for Under Control

Overall, Under Control is an interesting MMO RPG game to play, especially those who enjoy this kind of genre. Moreover, with it's simple setup and fun features, this outing won't have much problem in attracting other players who never play this type of game before. Not to mention the wide range of gaming platform available is always positive since any game lover can easily try this title out from their preferred media. So, those looking for fun, free and entertaining playing experience should definitely give this title a try, since there's not much to lose anyway. Even without any distinguished character setup, this outing's fun level is more than entertaining enough.

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