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The Battle of Undermountain RTS

The Battle of Undermountain RTS The Battle of the Undermountain RTS Review The Battle of the Undermountain is a free to play flash based RTS game that you can play online. The titles gameplay and graphics are not as you would normally expect from a traditional RTS video game. The Battle of the Undermountain introduces quite a few features that arent present in other games from the RTS genre which makes the game fresh and downright enjoyable to play overall. The game starts off immediately as you are required to play in either the single player or multiplayer mode. First off, I will talk extensively about the games single player mode as it is quite deep despite this games simplistic appearance and I enjoyed playing through it a lot more than I usually do from other RTS video games that just follow the same formula all of the time. Before you start off the game, you have the option of choosing your own difficulty setting. You can choose between Easy, Normal or Hard. Choose the difficulty that best suits your abilities and you can start playing the game. The first level of the game is set up so you will understand the basic logistics and gameplay mechanics of the entire game. This level plays a lot like most other RTS games because your first mission is to gather and mine enough gold so you can afford to build more farms. Building farms are an important part of this game because your workersminers grow hungry and use up energy. If you dont have enough farms in place for them to eat vegetables, their lifebar will deplete and they will die. Collecting gold is a simple process. Gold is located inside rocks and all you have to do to get them is to fork them out using the miners pickaxe. You can simply do this by highlighting the gold by pointing and clicking on the mouse. Another thing you have to do is build storage for any gold you acquire that you havent already spent on. The one thing I hated about the game is that there is no option of controlling your miners individually. If you wanted to have one miner look for gold in one location and another on the other side of the mine, you simply cannot do that in this game. Once you tell them to go and mine for gold in one location, all of the miners will go to that once location only. It doesnt matter if you have three or four miners working for you at one time, all of them will simply travel to the same location... The second level of the game plays a lot like the first one. Youll just have to keep on working to make sure there are enough farms for your workers to stay alive and house for them to stay in. It isnt until you get to the third level of the game do things become more interesting. The third level plays out like a tower defence game quite literally too. It is an interesting yet difficult level where you have to build defence towers to attack and fend off an army of spiders. These nasty spiders will come in swarms and you will have to build enough towers to survive the invasion for 360 seconds. This is easier said than done because each tower costs $300 each and at the same time you will have to make sure your workers dont get hungry too. Once you have finished the fourth level as well, the game opens up like I aforementioned. The missions get longer and harder and it will play more like an action RTS game. This is because you will need to build castle and castles allow you to bring in dwarves to battle. Unlike the poor old miners, the dwarves are more battle equipped and more fit for any fight. Battling becomes are key strategy to this game because you will need to hire are decent amount of dwarves plus enough moneygold to spend on your own defence towers to defend your bases and all of its resources. Your enemies will increase in both difficulty and in size so you will need to strategize in order to survive the onslaught from your enemies. Graphically, the game has a nice cartoon look and the colors are nice and bright. The environments are quite bland though because you are stuck in the boring mines for the duration of the entire game. Still, the bird-eye view camera isnt too much of a hindrance because the level design isnt complicating to navigate through like in some 3D video games. There is a multiplayer aspect to the game too where you can face off against other players from around the world. Unlike with the single player mode, the multiplayer is quite disappointing because there isnt much strategy involved. You are just on a random map and when you face off against other enemy players, usually the player with the most troops wins out because you cannot control where characters individually as aforementioned earlier. Unlike with other flash based video games, there is full audio included in this game. The soundtrack may not be memorable, but at least it includes music that doesnt repeat itself over and over again. The cute sound effects of the miners are a nice touch to the game as well as it fits into the overall friendly atmosphere that this game is aiming for. The Battle of the Undermountain is an addictive flash based RTSTower Defence game that strategy buffs will enjoy. Even if you are not a fan of this genre of gaming, its simplicity will win you over as the controls and game mechanics are easy to learn. Not to mention the game loads pretty fast as well. The multiplayer mode may not be as strategic as in other games, although the single player mode is sure to keep you occupied for a few hours.

The Battle of the Undermountain RTS Gameplay Video

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The Battle of Undermountain RTS

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