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Symbiosis Symbiosis is an online free to play tower defense type of game. Its concept is very unique as it sees a battle between plants and evil purple crystals. Let me know if you have ever seen a game ,or any other form of media, with an odder enemy than an evil faction of inanimate purple crystals growing out of the Earth. The game itself starts with a cut scene teaching to us that evil aliens do not come from out of the sky and are green with big eyes. In this weird parallel universe, evil alien beings are purple crystals that come out of the Earths ground. Can the army with its guns and other explosive weapons get rid of these crystals? In the world of Symbiosis, that is a no as only plants can destroy these crystals that are burrowing from beneath the Earths surface. Symbiosis starts with a brief tutorial teaching you the basics of the games mechanics. Its a fairly simple concept to grasp as you have a grid-like area where you will have to grow plants. These crystals can grow anywhere so you will have to grow these plants in an area close to them so they can get rid of them. In case you are wondering, plants in this game can shoot out peas like a cannon and this is how they can destroy these evil crystals. Likewise, the crystals themselves can shoot back at you as well. Although this may sound pretty easy to achieve, there are still some parameters you will have to follow that will challenge you along the way. One of the things that annoyed me was that the purple crystals could re-spawn and regenerate more crystals to try and kill you. Even though you try to kill the many main crystals that are responsible for spawning new crystals into the battlefield, they are hard to kill and have a larger health bar. Because they take longer to kill, they will keep spawning new crystals to protect themselves and it feels as if no progress is being made sometimes. Unlike with other games, you cannot grow as many plants as you can afford to overwhelm the enemy. Normally with strategy games like this, you can surround and attack the enemy as many times as you see fit. This isnt the case in Symbiosis because there is a quota of the number of plants you can grow on the battlefield at one time. The number of plants that you can usually grow is only five or six plants at one time. If one of the plants is killed, only then you can grow in another plant to take its place. You can even sell off unwanted plants in order to grow new ones as well. Youll have to watch out for selling your plants as its good to have two plants as back-ups if the other plants get killed off. An interesting feature of the game is that you can grow plants inside of special glowing grid boxes called power wells. These power wells make your plants stronger and also allow them to grow faster than normal plants do. Its always best to try and occupy these spaces as soon as possible as it can be a pain to go up against crystals that have occupied power wells before you have done so. A unique aspect of the game is that you can transfer energy from one plant to another. Transferring energy enables you to make your plants attacking power stronger. Its a helpful tool when you have a number of plants lying around in the background and your frontline plants need help when they are being bombarded by attacks from the enemy crystals. Once you have completed a level, you will earn skill points that you can spend on to upgrade the abilities of your fighting plants. This includes improving the plants attack power, defense, health, regeneration and even the rate of money that is earned. You can even initiate spells later on in the game that allow you to shied your plants, heal them or even throw a meteor at the crystals. Its important to keep track and upgrading the plants on a regular basis as each level gets progressively harder as you go along. There are 15 levels in Symbiosis which will keep gamers occupied for a while. Its unfortunate that a game like this does not have any online multiplayer mode as it could have been a very fun experience playing against other players. Its a game that is fun for the first time you play it, although I dont think its the type of game people are likely to play more than once. The only time there is any replay value is if you want to increase the difficulty setting for each level in the game or is you want to unlock all of the achievements. Symbiosis is a simple and easy to play strategy game that fans of tower defense games will love to play. It might be too easy for some gamers, but its a great game to play if you dont have much free time on your hands. Not to mention it features the most unique protagonists and antagonists I have ever seen in a video game before. If you have always hated crystals for some reason and want to kill them, than Symbios

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