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The Kings Hexes

The Kings Hexes is a turn-based strategy game which imitates medieval city building by randomly drawing tiles from a shared pool. You should be a winner if having the most points at the end of the game.

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The Kings Hexes

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8 December 2009attack192
its ok i want to unleash my secret weapon -  Vader and  Gun toot smiley maybe even a bit of  James Bond Oh yeah, i have that powerthey do that while i  Winesmiley
19 August 2009nickball
bad game Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous
27 July 2009Eustratios
Oldy its not and so good game my  Group hug  or sons Jazz...
7 July 2009Rulison
Closed eyes
1 July 2009valvanto
Cool  Yabbahut  CanCan  CanCan  CanCan  CanCan  CanCan  Yabbahut  Cool
19 April 2009davey1000
going for top 5 players list babY!!!
10 April 2009prince of darkness
hmm Hmm... very good to me Jazz...  Clap hands  Clap hands
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