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Ace Online Game and Review

Ace Online Ace Online is a free to play science fiction shooting game. Players will take control of a fighter plane that is known a ďgearĒ in this game. Not only can it fly and shoot enemy targets in fast paced dog fights, but it can also show off its stuff on land to become a type of tank too. There arenít that many vehicular combat type games that are free to play to playing Ace Online comes as a fresh experience. The game requires you to download over 1GB of game data to install it. Itís not a hefty download like with other free to play video games, but players will have to wait a long time for the game to load up. Not to mention there were times I felt that the game was lagging and it sometimes crashed on me. Nevertheless, if you have a more powerful computer, your experience with Ace Online might be smoother and less frustrating. The first things you will do are choose a character you want to be, as well as choose the type of gear you want to pilot. You donít get the chance to alter the appearance or give your character a name like with other games. Ace Online has 10 attractive premade characters you can select each with a given name and a brief background on their personality and nature. It does not matter too much who you choose because itís the type of gear that will determine your overall performance in Ace Online. At the beginning of the game, you have a selection to choose one of four gears. Three of the gears look more like traditional and sleek fighter jets while one of them resembles more like a robust tank. The designs of the vehicles look very impressive as they resemble Transformer characters if they were to be in their vehicle form only. You can look at a gearís stats which include the vehicleís agility, attack, defense, fuel, spirit and shield. Once you have made your choice, you can take part in the gameís tutorial. The tutorial is lengthy but very helpful for those that have not played aerial combat games before. You control the direction of flight using the mouse while pressing on the space bar to thrust in order for you to go faster. You can perform barrel rolls too by pressing the ďAĒ and ďDĒ buttons to evade enemy fire. Crosshairs are located on the middle of the screen that allows you to lock onto an enemy target. You can fire your machine gun using the left mouse button while the right mouse button makes you use your missiles. Your missiles have a lock-on feature so theyíre better to use than the machine guns. The controls are surprisingly good and very smooth. It can be very satisfying flying around the skies to chase and shoot down enemy planes. The only thing that ruins the experience is lag. When the game lags, it can really hinder your flying and you will be crashing onto the surrounding environment a lot of times. I remember trying to evade from a few missiles that were locked onto me only for the game to abruptly freeze on me. When the game became responsive again, I ended up crashing into a nearby cliff. Destroying enemies are fun, but Iím sure some beginners will have trouble trying to shoot them down. If had not played Star Wars: Battlefront II before, the fast paced aerial combat will be very overwhelming for you to master. This is because the combat is quick and your enemies donít stay in one position all of the time. Not to mention there are usually a group of enemies you will have to take down at one time and trying to keep a lock on of all of them can be hard to do. The hardest enemies to take down are the ones that are stationed on the ground. You will have to fly your gear at a low altitude and this can prove to be fatal if youíre not skilful enough to control your gear that low to the ground. You need to fly low enough to kill ground units, but itís sometimes hard to evade the ground and I usually end up crashing because of this. Despite Ace Online having a steep difficulty curve, once you get used to the controls the combat can be very addictive. With most free to play video games being point and click MMORPG games, the fast aerial combat system here is a breath of fresh air. If you love the spaceship combat system that was used in the old Star Wars Battlefront video games, youíll love the action that is here in Ace Online too. In terms of missions, there is a plethora of them that gamers can do. Most missions start off in the hangar bay where you can actually control your character to accept quests and talk with other people. Most missions require you to just fly around and kill a certain number of enemies. It can get repetitive sometimes since most of the missions are similar, but the overall fun combat system makes it more tolerable. If you get sick of playing the single player missions, you can always participate in the fun and very chaotic PvP battles. PvP is only open to players that are of a high level so you will need to level up first in order to experience it. The PvP battles are intense because there are tons of enemies and allies that are flying around the skies at one time. Itís arguably the most fun feature of the entire game and is sure to keep gamers occupied for many hours. The production values in Ace Online are very high. There are actual voices that are included for some of the characters in the game and the sound in the game is of a high quality throughout. The cool sounding techno music is a highlight too. Techno music was prevalent back in the Ď90s but has sadly died recently. Itís great that Ace Online somewhat brings back this genre of music. The graphics are the only thing in Ace Online that looks a bit outdated. The gears look detailed, but the background environment looks dull and uninspired. Ace Online is a very fun game that tackles a genre that is not often seen in gaming. If you are sick of all the MMORPG games that play all of the same, Ace Online offers fun and innovative gameplay is definitely different from most other free to play video games Iíve played. The aerial combat without a doubt the best part of the game and the controls are smooth to make it fun yet challenging at the same time. If youíre looking to play an enjoyable game that offers something different, look no further than with Ace Online.

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Ace Online Game and Review

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