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Reborn Horizon

Reborn Horizon Award winning post apocalyptic strategy game Reborn Horizon.With a storyline set in a post-apocalyptic world, this fight is all about desperately urge for survival with whatever you conjured up from the ashes of the past to the burning fires of the furnace. Build your military base and defend it at all costs. After you successfully building your well-secured settlement and a grand unit of army, you will be able to expand your territory and fight other players in the PVP Mode. Reborn Horizon is a new MMO Strategy game that is developed by SlipShift, a Berlin based game startup company focusing on the development of browser games and social games. In Reborn Horizon, you should build your base where your people work for you and harvest resources that are helpful your future army training and supply.

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Reborn Horizon

 Reborn Horizon Game
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