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Sins Of Daisy Episode 2 and Episode 3

Sins Of Daisy Episode 2 and Episode 3 Episode 2: After making an arrest, Quinn attends a high school graduation to find more evidence about the girl's death.Episode 3: Quinn finally finds out who killed the girls.

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Sins Of Daisy Episode 2 and Episode 3

The small town of Foxwood receives unwanted attention as the death of three girls becomes the focal point and the talk of the town. Daisy Winters, Rose Summers, and Leslie Falls die two days before their high school graduation in an alleged suicide pact. Quinn, a private investigator, takes on the case to figure out how the girls died. Missing evidence and an incompetent police department hinders his investigation until he comes across a diary belonging to one of the victims. The diary sheds light on the town's troubled past and why the town is covering up the deaths.

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