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Effing Worms Xmas

Effing Worms Xmas Christmas is supposed to be that time of year for celebrations and spending quality time with your family. Its also a time when Santa and is elves are preparing to give out presents to all of the good boys and girls of the world. Its normally a time when everyone feels happy, safe and secure. That isnt the case with Effing Worms Xmas as this large sandworm burrows from underneath the ground to kills its prey and everyone that will gets in its way. Effing Worms Xmas is a violent yet humorous game where you assume the role of a sandworm that is stirring trouble from underneath the North Pole. The sandworm needs to constantly eat or else it gets hungry and it will die. Luckily, there are a bunch of people and other creatures that roam around the North Pole for the sandworm to feast on to stay alive. The controls are fairly simple as this is somewhat of a 2D side-scrolling video game where you can travel from left to right. You control the sandworm by only using the directional buttons on your keyboard. Controlling the worm is not too dissimilar to how you control the snake in the famous Snake video game. Half of the screen shows the worm burrowing underneath the ground, while the other half shows the North Pole in all of its glory. The worms health bar will rapidly decrease over time and if you are unable to find anything to eat, its game over as the worm will die of hunger. Luckily, there is heaps of living citizens the worm to eat on the surface of the North Pole. Some of the citizens you can eat include elves, yetis, reindeer and other creatures. In order to make the worm grow and become more powerful, there are certain objectives you need to complete. Most of the objectives are just for you to kill a specific number of elves which is great fun. There is also a great mission where you had to burrow from underneath the ground and kill elves and yetis from behind. Although this all sounds like the elves are vulnerable and dont have anything to fight back with, they actually do have a bit of military weaponry to fight back against the monstrous killer worm that is disrupting Christmas. Elves can plant mines in on the surface of the ground to try and explode the worm and damage its health. They even have tanks and helicopters that drop bombs to kill of the rampaging worm. The most humorous offense I saw against the worm was when the yetis would throw snowballs. When a worm finishes an objective, it gets bigger and you can get to upgrade its eating power and speed that it travels. When you reach the latter stages of the game, the worm becomes so huge that it is almost as big as the computer screen. I wont spoil too much of the game for you, but lets just say by that time of the game, nothing can stand in the worms way to destroy Christmas joy in the North Pole forever. The audio in Effing Worms Xmas is effective and highlights the dark kind of humor that this game is aiming for. Some nice sounding Christmas jingles can be heard when the worm is underneath the ground, but the music suddenly changes into heavy metal music once the worm starts killing people. The graphics and animations are funny to look at as well. You will see the elves and other creatures explode in a pool of blood once the worm eats them up. You will also see some speech bubbles from some of the elves shouting in terror as they try to escape from the worm. Some of the things they say include effing worms are you kidding me? and pick on someone your own size just to name a few. Effing Worms Xmas is a very fun yet short video game with lots of dark humor in it. If you ever thought it would be funny if someone destroyed the spirit of Christmas and attacked Santa and his elves in the North Pole, then this game is for you. If you love Christmas and might be offended by all of the elves getting murdered, I suggest you go play something more innocent for this holiday season.

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Effing Worms Xmas

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