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BloodRealm Taking Down Mythical Gods in BloodRealm Collectible card game have been used as themed for many MMO or Facebook titles, with one of the latest that attracted many interest is BloodRealm which was developed by Red Point Labs and currently published by Kabam. This outing is being played under Facebook platform so anyone who has an account in that social media can play it easily for free, without much fuss. Just like any online CCG outings, BloodRealm also added several element in its playing such as an RPG like story line, lang seizing and also PvP battle to earn special point.

The themed for this game story seems to be mythical Rome/Greek period with war among Gods becoming the main basis. These supposedly tyrant Gods Gamer are basically playing as a hero who will try to conquer all of those Gods and seize their lands along with special cards. So, at the start players will be introduced into the game along with short deck arranging guide, while trying to defeat an enemy. After finishing with that short instructional phase, players are asked to chose one out of several available early champions, which have their own pluses and minuses, so try to chose wisely based on your liking.

Basically, just like any other title with similar genre, gamer will be battling all the way against a set of enemies by summoning and using cards. For those who already get the grasp of CCG, this won't be a difficult system to conquer as arranging your cards during battle basically the most important thing in this game. There's several details that players should check out before summoning their creatures in that card war as there's mana required along with tactical setup which is needed in defeating opponent's champion along with countering their moves.

The main purpose of BlodRealm is having your champion challenging several Gods along with its' 'helper', so gamer will need to face several battles before completing each story quest. Aside from the completing the basic story, gamer can also embark on several other objectives, which are being automatically provided in the instructional. Players can challenge other gamer's character, though just like many Facebook outing, this feature might not be a real PvP as the battle is still being control by the AI. Still, winning that PvP can help players in getting skull points which aid them in acquiring potentially special card.

In acquiring new cards, gamer also have the option in either using them on their battle deck or used it to forge and upgrading their available ones. There's certain cards that needed several elements, so players can't actually add any beasts they collected in their deck, but fortunately those unused cards can be used as forging material. Upgrading your ally cards can be very crucial as if gamer have strong or high level allies it will be much more easier in handling opponents, especially those who have tricky spells. Once again, strategy is the main ingredients that gamer must acknowledge in this outing, so either they learn all available manual on the game's website or just learning it by doing it's basically up to them.

Controlling for BloodRealm is very simple as gamer only need to use their mouse in clicking any options needed, including during battle. The gaming interface is also pretty clear as all icons are being placed accordingly, without much problems in identifying anything. Moreover, this outing also have a pretty good graphic, which creates that entertaining special animatic effect during battles. Having such fine addition, obviously provide more attraction for gamer, since there's not many other graphical action in this type of game.

Another nice aspect from this outing is the energy bar used for each battle in story mode is not really troubling and forcing gamer to wait too long before finishing things as they can easily take a short break by arranging their deck, battling against other champions, before waiting for the bar to fill itself again. Although there are not many features that are being offer, especially in the early part of the game, players can be kept busy in selecting which ally cards they wan't to use or upgrade, before preparing for their next battle.

The loading time for this game is also pretty decent as it doesn't take much time, though it also depends on your internet connection and PC specs. Moreover, there are not much other waiting time needed aside when player are setting themselves for battle as other features can be access rather easy. However, the lack of other features along with community building might eventually bored those who are looking for more variation in games. In BloodRealm, players basically will be doing similar quests over and over, with the quality or opponent's tactic being that difference maker.

Overall, BloodReal is an interesting outing to play, not only for those who have a thing for CCG games as any other game lovers can also get into it. This game do have that addictive element which attract players in playing it for quite a while, especially when they're still on that early building phase and searching for that powerful cards. However, with such minimum features being offered, lack on interaction options, along with repetitive game play, in the long run this title might be considered boring by many. Still, considering it's a free to play game which also use a friendly gaming platform such as Facebook, this title is still something worth trying as an attempt to kill time.

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