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Nodiatis Nodiatis is one of the most detailed browser based MMORPGs currently available, with no downloads, great character development with in depth skills, the best hardcore PVP and a massive world to adventure.The game has a whopping 26 classes, dozens of skills and a unique method of skill advancement which involves sacrificing looted items to various alters. Nodiatis starts by explaining the fate of an immortal princess whose father gave her to a horde of orcs in exchange for peace. While there is a massive world to explore and an impressive host of ways to customize your character, Nodiatis suffers from sluggish combat, movement, and a general sense of slow progression though there are premium features available for purchase which can help speed up gameplay. Our favorite heros and classes - Warrior, Druid, Ranger, Guardian, Warlock, Magician, Necromancer, Paladin, Archer, Priest, Trader, Craftsman, Vampire, Angel, Dark Knight, Wizard, Regener, Beastmaster, Tactician, Trapper, Adventurer, Weapon Master, Rogue, Alcoholic, Jeweler, Enchanter.

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