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Perfect World International Genesis

Perfect World International Genesis Perfect World International will see the release of the Genesis expansion on March 2, 2011. Genesis is the fourth expansion to the game originally released in 2008. Among other things, Genesis will see the complete destruction of Perfect World and the new Earthguard race will make its debut.

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Perfect World International Genesis

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Perfect World: Rising Tide Game Review

Perfect World: Rising Tide is an expansion to the Perfect World MMORPG title. If you have been playing the free to play Perfect World game for the past few years, itís worth visiting the game again to experience the new content that Rising Tide has to offer.

Perfect World: Rising Tide is a 3D based MMORPG that looks great. It may graphically appear outdated in 2014, but that does not take away how huge and immersive the entire game world is. The game is not browser based so you will need to download over 5GB of the game data first. The system requirements are not that large as you only need 256MB or 512MB of RAM for the game to operate. Most modern laptops and computers should be able to run this game without any problems.

Before you start actually playing Perfect World: Rising Tide, you have to create your own character first. I have to say, this game has one of the most robust and best character creation options I have ever seen in a video game. The amount of options you can use to customize your character in on par with the WWE wrestling video games. Whatís even cooler is you can change the skin color of your character to look like the Hulk or any other character that doesnít appear human. You can literally spend hours just on creating your character alone. There are lots of races you can select from as well that increases the cool factor of the customization options.

Another cool thing about Perfect World: Rising Tide is the number of class types that you can be. Most games only allow you to choose up to three or four different class types. In this game though, there are ten playable class types for you to select. These include: Archer, Assassin, Barbarian, Blademaster, Cleric, Psychic, Venomancer, Wizard and the two new classes of Mystic and Seeker. Different class types have unique abilities of their own so it pays to choose something that suits your own playing style.

Graphically, the game is one of the most gorgeous looking free to play video games I have played over the past couple of months. The game world is massive, detailed and just downright pretty. You could say the game looks like an early version of World of Warcraft, but it has a unique look of its own as well. You can easily get immersed as you explore and admire the prettiness of the gameís in-game visuals.

Gameplay wise, Perfect World: Rising Tide plays like a lot of other MMORPGs out there. Itís mostly a point and click affair that you often see. All you have to do is click on the enemy and your character will start attacking by itself. The combat system is not unique, but it works. I would have preferred if the combat allowed you more freedom to control your characterís attacks.

Another thing that might displease some people is that it takes a long time for you to level up in this game. Be prepared to play for hours and hours in order for you to become strong and powerful. You can pay real money in order to level up faster and get better equipment for yourself. Itís not compulsory, but itís optional if youíre the impatient type of gamer.

The audio in Perfect World: Rising Tide very good as the background music is pleasing to the ears. Even though the music is great, you can also use the gameís own internet radio to listen to even more music. This is a very neat feature that is not really included in any other game I have played, especially a free to play video game.

Overall, Perfect World: Rising Tide is a great free to play MMORPG that will put a smile on the face of fans of the genre. There are a lot of MMORPG video games out there, but this one is up there with the best of them. The combat may be generic, but the charm of the game lies within its graphics and presentation. This game is worth trying if you have any spare time on your hands.

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