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Duelyst Get ready for DUELYST, a competitive strategy game focused on tactical combat, squad building, and ranked ladder play.Traditional turn-based role-playing meets the rapid-fire pace and simple-yet-deceptively-maddening strategy of Hearthstone

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Duelyst Game

Click The Picture,play Duelyst Collectible Card And Mmorts Game !

Experiencing Fun and Competitive Card Based Strategy Game with Duelyst

Card Collectible Games along with tactical strategy game always have that intriguing combination, that's probably why Counter Play Games decided to set up those two element into one in an exciting turned based strategy/hybrid CCG outing titled Duelyst. Although this release have that CCG element, the company opted to introduce it more as a turn-based tactic instead since that setup do have a larger portion as a whole. As they get themselves into Duelyst gaming world, seasoned gamer might be reminded by renown titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Hearthstone. Fans who are looking to experience card type of game that have a more vivid visualization of the battles and their character will find this outing interesting indeed.

Before getting things started, players must first download the game's installer which is available for either Windows PC or Mac. After completing that early requirement, game lovers can immediately begin their adventure by choosing several playing options, from training, ranked leader, Sandbox(some might have it yet) and the gauntlet which should still be locked early on. Those who doesn't know yet the mechanism being used in playing this outing, might be wise to train themselves until they can get the hand of everything before eventually getting into battle mode. Noticing that this game is still on beta mode, which means new stuff might continue to arrive depending on when you decide to start playing it.

The basic game play of this outing is practically a one on one tactical card deck battle where gamer with their preferred faction will try to fight an enemy and defeat them before being beaten. This game's user interface during combat has that board deck vibe, while its playing system is very strategic with gamer having to move their character and its' units in certain grid. Leading each deck unit is a general, which can be considered as representative's of players' main character during battle, so they must protect that hero while trying to do the opposite on their opponent. There's mana system which function is connected to the ability of unleashing minions each turn, this system is very common on any CCG game as each cards normally have different mana, so it need the right tactic to overcome an opponent.

As it was briefly suggested, for those who just started this type of game, it's wise to pick training ground as they will have several menu to chose including tutorial guide. The rich options along with clear guide should give more understanding for everyone regarding how to play Duelyst. Moreover, there are plenty rewarding challenges that can be done in that training menu, so starting out from this section is very advisable. Nevertheless, those who are keen on challenging others can immediately go into rank ladder setup, where players can chose random deck options and battle for survival on this mode. It's an interesting and intriguing option and can actually be a fun way of testing how well gamer have master the game basics' compared to fellow gamer. Moreover, playing against others always has that different kind of vibe that might be acquired while performing challenges or quests.

Just like many other CCG Games titles out there, the control for Duelyst is also quite simple as gamer can just move or activate everything with simple mouse clicks. There shouldn't be much complication for this, since the response is pretty good, unless there's a technical issue with your own tools. Having a simple control setup surely hope game lover to focus more in developing their playing tactics along with embracing this title's wonderful graphic. The pixel is just on point for this game, not to mention having lovely animation that fully support every fun skill effects during every combat. Although the characters might not have that heroes anime look that some gamer usually enjoy, but this outing just able to create a wonderful visual art that's worth watching.

Regarding it's combat system, as it was already explained above, Duelyst is a turn-based tactic game, so gamer and their opponent are given similar amount of steps as they take turn on battling each others. The grid setup means that it will take time and certain planning before players can reach their objective in dueling and defeating opponent's general. This is when minions plays an important part as they can offer that needed boost in fighting against the enemy and its' soldiers. Learning all the basic attack or even combo is very important indeed, that's why once again it's advised that gamer shouldn't rush into playing and start things from the basic tutorial first.

Aside from potentially complicated strategy usage to win battles, in game cash can be an issue at times, especially when players don't really have too much time to grind their way in completing challenges for rewards. Those who have no problem in using real money can always get rare or legendary cards by purchasing it, while others have to work bit harder in getting in game cash that can also be used. Although it might not be the most ideal way for some players, but if one is dedicated enough they can still acquire those rare items that premium gamer get. Patience is obviously key since it may take some effort in collecting in game currency, but that's not really that different with other CCG games.

Duelyst final Verdict

Overall, this outing is very satisfying piece for hard-core tactic RPG game freaks along with card game enthusiasts who are in to some deep strategy play. Obviously, it's challenging aspect can be quite tricky for those non tactical players, but with such helpful tutorial, they can still learn it without much issue aside from personal dedication. Nevertheless, the wonderful pixel art being offered by the developer should also be that additional plus points that can further attract game lovers into trying out Duelyst. This is definitely a fun and exciting game to play, albeit not for everyone's taste, but with plenty exciting features and addictive factor, it can continue to attract more players in the future.

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