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Zarenkriege In this medieval MMO browser game you will be able to choose among 11 unique nations, use complex strategies in real time and train 16 different battle and siege units, 11 unique units, various buildings, 13 skills and many more game features. All of these guarantee first-class entertainment, but challenge may also sweat you a little bit, while you compete with thousands of other players from all over the world.

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Zarenkreige Review

Zarenkreige is a MMORTS browser based video game that is free to play. Itís a German language video game and the site you need to register on is also in German. I suggest you try and play the game using the Google Chrome browser as it will translate the foreign text automatically into English for you. It may sound time consuming, but itís better than guessing as to what everything says on the screen.

Zarenkreige is set in medieval times and there are a ton of factions for you to choose from. The countries and factions that you can play as include the following: Persians, Bulgarians, Franconia, Teutons, Goths, Byzantine, British, Ottomans, Poland, Russians, Japanese and Mongols.

Because Zarenkreige is all in German, be warned that the game takes quite a bit of time to load because every piece of foreign text has to be translated into English. Thereís nothing wrong that this game is in English, although most of us are English language readers so itís kind of annoying needing to wait for your web browser to translate the text all the timeÖ

Zarenkreige is a simplistic looking free to play game and lacks the high production values Iíve seen from other games. The 2D graphics look ok, although theyíre not as fancy as the realistic 3D graphics from other MMORTS games such as Forge of Empires for example. Not to mention itís one of those games with no sound effects or a music soundtrack so youíll be playing this game in absolute silenceÖ

The gameplay in Zarenkreige is much like in other MMORTS games. The first thing you will do is tedious tasks of searching the area to gather supplies for your city. Itís a simple point and click affair that most MMORTS games are like and most gamers who have played these games before will be familiar with this style of play. The more your level increases, the longer it takes for your buildings to be completed.

Zarenkreige has a simple goal that most MMORTS games have; that is to build an army and possibly make powerful allies to become the most powerful entity in the entire game. There are a ton of different infantry types that are available in this game which is nice. This ranges from trebuchets and other types of weapons that were invented back in those days. This is a nice touch since most MMORTS games rely heavily on just soldiers with swords and arrows.

Players have the option of customizing their armyís formation which is a very helpful tool. Thereís even a nifty feature called the battle simulator for you to experiment so you can test to see if your army is strong enough to take down your enemies. Bear in mind, the battle simulator is not correct 100% of the time, although itís a nice feature to have if youíre a new player to this kind of game.

One thing that may deter some gamers is the type of benefits paid players will have over the rest of the players. This kind of makes the game a little unfair since players who obviously pay for advantages in the game will benefit more from players who are just playing the game for free. If you want to play a MMORTS game that is fairer to its players, I suggest you go and play another game instead.

Zarenkreige isnít a MMORTS game that introduces anything new to the genre. It plays a lot like other MMORTS games and thereís not really one feature that separates it from the rest. If youíve played this type of game before, you might be bored of this game quite quickly. Still, Zarenkreige is free to play so thereís no harm in trying this game out if it tickles your fancy.

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28 July 2012deathbomb2000
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28 July 2012deathbomb2000
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