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Dekaron Dekaron is a fast paced 3D fantasy MMORPG by GameHi with a heavy focus on PvP.Well animated combat will remind you of the classic MMORPG Diablo 2 , the game has a great randomized item system. Each of the games six playable class has multiple skill trees with an overall large selection of different skills.

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Dekaron Is a free to play MMORPG game that you can play online. Registration for the game is straightforward, although there is an annoying reliance for it to be linked with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Before you can begin playing the game, Firefox needs to be opened first. Dekaron is also not a browser based video game and you cannot play the game instantly after registering your details. You will need to download 2GB of the game data first plus a few patches. This doesnít take too long to do and most PC gamers will be familiar with this process anyway. Before you venture off in Dekaron, you have to create your main character first. There is an unprecedented nine classes that are available to choose from at the start of the game. This is an impressive number that includes: Azure Knight, Segita Hunter, Incar Magician, Vicious Summoner, Concerra, Segnale, Segeuriper, Bagi Warrior and Aloken. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses so choose wisely before making a choice. After youíve chosen a character, youíre now ready to see what type of adventures await you in Dekaron. On first impression, the interface in this game is rather clunky and the tutorial itself does not help at all explaining what everything is on your screen. The icons are all pretty small and unclear that itís hard to pinpoint what everything means on the screen. Another annoying feature is the map as it does not clearly specify to you where your next objective is. Dekaron has some comfortable controls that some other MMORPG games donít have. This is because you can use both the mouse and/or keyboard to move your character around. I always felt MMORPG games feel a little clunky when you can only use the mouse to move around your character all the timeÖ Combat in this game plays like most other MMORPG games as you will just highlight an enemy with the mouse and then your character will automatically start hacking and slashing. Dekaron is quite a fast paced game as there are a lot of quests that you can undertake all at the same time. Some quests are better to do once you are more powerful, but this game does allow you to level up more quickly than others. Not to mention the variety of classes that are available here means that there are a lot of unique skills that can be learnt. This makes the game more fun than just being a hacking only affair. Graphically, Dekaron is quite outdated and does not match the beauty and detail that more modern MMORPG games have today. The game did get released a few years ago so itís not fair to judge this game to harshly. Still, the graphics and colors look faded and distant objects are hard to see from afar. On the plus side, the game world that Dekaron possesses is very large and is littered with a number of surprises. Thankfully, Dekaron has sound effects and a decent soundtrack to go along with it. The main game has two pieces of music and loop over and over again, but this is no biggie since most free to play video games donít have a large budget to spend on a full soundtrack full of originally made music. Some free to play games lack any audio at all! Dekaron is a pretty fun MMORPG game to play but the graphics and clunky interface the game has are two of the major features that lets this game down. Since this game was released in 2008, most people will already own computers that are powerful enough to run bigger and better looking games. Thatís not to say Dekaron is a bad game as it plays much like any other MMORPG game out there. Once you can get bypass the gameís flaws, there is hours of fun to be discovered in Dekaron.

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4 October 2012kyorico
piste ka
23 September 2012jacobdouglas
i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go yess  Winesmiley  Happy
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