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Aika Aika is a heavy free fantasy MMO RPG game. Aika is actually one of the first free to play MMORPGs with a large scale Realm vs Realm system and the first to actually have solid, genuinely fun game play Fighter (M) - Like in most other MMORPGs, the fighter in Aika is a powerful melee oriented class. They have high hit points and defense and make great tanks. They wear metal armor. Dual Gunner (F) - Dual Gunners specialize in mid-range DPS and Damage over Time skills. They wear leather armor. Warlock (M) - Warlocks are the primary offensive spellcasters in Aika. They can deal quite a bit of damage with their spells, but have low hitpoints and defense. They wear cloth armor. Paladin (F) - Paladins are a mix between warriors and clerics. They are capable fighters as well as a good supporting class. They wear metal. Rifleman (M) - They specialize in dealing damage from a long distance, making them the ideal long-range DPS class. They wear leather armor Cleric (F) - They are the primary supportive class in Aika. They are incredibly helpful to any party as they have both healing and supportive skills. They wear cloth armor.

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