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Dragon Pals

Dragon Pals Dragon Pals is a free to play MMORPG style of game where you befriend a dragon. Having your own pet in a MMORPG video game is nothing new, although this dragon talks and accompanies you at the very beginning of the game. Dragon Pals may not add anything original to the genre, but it’s still an entertaining and fast paced game to play.

Dragon Pals is browser-based so anyone should be able to load up and play this game easily. I did not encounter long loading times or any technical glitches when playing this game. This will come as good news for those that have less-than-stellar computer hardware when it comes to playing video games.

The first thing you will do in this game is choose a character and class type that you want to be. The three class types that you can be are a Mage, Warrior and Archer. You can choose to play as either a male or female character, although that’s all you can do in terms of character customization. You won’t be able to alter the appearance of your character like you can in MMORPG video games.

Once you have chosen a character, you are then ready to play the game. The game starts off in typical fashion with a helpless princess running for her life from angry looking enemies. After getting cornered with nowhere else to go, your character rushes in to save the day.

After you have saved the princess, you stumble upon a mysterious looking egg that is in the middle of the road. Your character grabs it and then encounters another enemy which he/she gets rid of rather easily. Your character thinks the egg is “dinner” until it hatches and a baby dragon emerges. The dragon immediately talks after it is born and tells your character he can be of great help to you if you keep him alive and don’t eat him.

Your character gives him a “test” to see if he’s strong enough to kill off the remaining enemies on your way back to the Princess’ village. The dragon proves he’s tough enough to hang with your character and sticks around to be your partner from the remainder of the entire game. I do like the humorous banter that your character and the dragon has throughout the game as it makes the atmosphere light-hearted and reading the dialogue a lot more interesting. Some games I feel add too much dialogue that it can be come tedious for you to read through them all. The dialogue in Dragon Pals is a lot more upbeat and easy to follow.

The only thing that may dissuade MMOROG veterans from playing this game is that it is way too “automated”. Everything you do in this game is done automatically as you don’t have the chance to control any of your characters during combat or even when they’re walking from one destination to the other. All you have to mainly do is click on the mouse button once to get to your destination and you and your party members will all follow suit.

Combat I feel could have been a lot more fun if you were given the chance to actually control the attacks your characters do. In this game, all you can do is just watch as your characters fight off the enemies themselves. All you can pretty much do is hope your characters are tough enough to kill off the next wave of enemies. You cannot say give them a potion if they’re health is low, nor can you order them to use a different attack.

Having said that, the game’s fast pace and easy gameplay will appeal to either young kids or inexperienced gamers. If you’re looking to play a game that doesn’t require much thinking or effort, Dragon Pals is the perfect game for you to play because the game itself does everything for you. All you really need to do is just sit there and watch the events unfold yourself.

Graphically, Dragon Pals is what you would expect to see from a 2D MMORPG video game. The character models are slightly clichéd, although they look nice. The environments are nice and bright and the 2D style of gameplay means you won’t get easily lost in this game either. All you really need to do in this game is travel from left to right all of the time and you’re bound to get to your destination easily. It’s also worth mentioning that the audio in this game is quite impressive too. The music fits the game’s atmosphere perfectly and doesn’t repeat on loop like in other games. The only thing it’s really missing is sound effects during battles and voice overs.

Level progression in the game is fast and your dragons also get stronger when you level up too. Not to mention you can assign new skills for yourself and your dragons too when you progress further into the game. One thing to gripe about this game is that it can get repetitive if you it for a few hours. The missions start to feel the same as all that you are doing to killing a bunch of enemies and you don’t have any control over the outcome of battles either. The “auto-pilot” style of gameplay starts to wear thin pretty quickly…

Despite its easy gameplay, Dragon Pals is still a pretty fun and enjoyable MMORPG video game to play if you have some free time to kill in the weekends. The game is probably geared towards more young kids than to anyone else, although there are still some fun elements to enjoy in this game if you are a RPG fan in general. Dragon Pals may not be the most original or best free to play MMORPG video game out there, but its fun enough if you don’t have a powerful computer at hand or cash to spend.

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Dragon Pals

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