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Dragon Knights Online

DK Online Embark on a Medieval Quest With Dragon Knights Online Korean based game developer, RPG Factory have recently provide another interesting MMORPG, titled Dragon Knights Online, which is being published through renown publisher Aeria Games. Just like its title, RPG fans could probably guess that this new outing is a fantasy based game which will brought gamers into a medieval time filled with unique races such as Human, Elf, Felynx and Lycan. Added with the mission in hunting evil dragons, this game provide all of those classic role playing element that are common in legendary RPGs. In the game you will be acting as a new Dragon Knights with the basic mission is protecting your world, called Latos, from the threat of evil dark dragon, Kharvag, who rises from his deep sleep attempting to take control of everything. Starting out, gamers gets to choose from one from the races mentioned above and along with it picking up their desired classes. In this game, characters class are gender/race locked, meaning that certain class is only available for specific race/gender. The game control for Dragon Knights is pretty similar to many other MMORPGs in which gamers can choose whether to use mouse or keyboard in controlling their character. Although theres an additional hotkeys stored in the keyboard that can be used to trigger your skills, chatting with friends and other common stuffs. This outing also provide players with a nice interface, which wont be too complicated even for those whose just starting out playing MMORPG. Just like any RPG games, Dragon Knights game play revolves around finishing the main scenario from the storyline added with several quests which aids the players improvement. There are also several special features which makes things interesting such as transforming/shapeshifting which will allow your characters to turn into special monsters during battles. Gamers can already use this feature from level 1, but once they reached level 10, transforming would require monster card that can be found or bought in around Latos. The interactive features from this game is also very neat with special guild quests, which allowed gamers to embark on cool PvP feature such as Castle Siege. This feature is basically a battle among guilds with the purpose of controlling a castle in Latos that will bring many financial benefits for the winner. Each participants from the Siege will only be given one and a half hour to either hold their ground or vanishing their enemies. Regarding the graphics, Dragon Knights is being set up in a 3D realm with pretty neat characters design and background details. However, its not actually a high quality imaging as there are many games that offered similar qualities. The advantage however, is that without an ultimately high pixels, this game can also be played with less computer requirements, meaning that its easier for gamers to try it out. Overall, Dragon Knights is an interesting MMORGP that offered a detailed, in-depth storyline which suits well with its fantasy-based theme. The special features such as transforming, sort of political system along with interesting PvP section, are also the strong points that this game can offer for MMORPG lovers. However, the lack of class selection, not such a special graphic is pretty much the things hindering some players in trying it out. Still, considering its a Free to Play MMO, those who have a thing for RPG should at least try it out.

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Dragon Knights Online

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