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Duel of Champions

Duel of Champions Tasting Exciting Trading Card Gaming Experience in Duel of Champions

Trading Card Games have long been attracting the interest of game lovers as although it uses a sort of secondary playing medium, but that setup somehow makes trading card an interesting gaming options. Taking opportunity for such strong interest, game developers creates several Trading Card titles for MMO platform and one that have been buzzing is Ubisoft's Duel of Champions, which provided an exciting card gaming adventure for MMO gamer from all over the globe.

For those who already understand this Might & Magic venture, will surely caught the grasp of this MMO game as it's basically the same thing that are usually being played in other platform. However, newbie for this kind of genre might need to pay a bit more attention on the game tutorial, before eventually getting into other technical stuffs about playing it. Basically, the main purpose of this outing is battling out against fellow players and try to beat them using a set of deck card, composed in certain ways where gamer can use spells, deploying creatures, buildings to aid their winning mission.

Playing this game, gamer will first be told to chose your hero along with one out of four available factions from the game, those that players can pick are: Haven, Inferno, Necropolis and Stronghold. Each of that factions have their own clans along with pluses and minuses which you are free to select based on what suits your playing style or preference the most. The choosing for heroes are also affecting several things in the game, such as army, life bar, starting levels along with available/accessible skills.

After finished choosing both hero and faction, gamer can finally start to arrange and build their army, that can consist up to 200 cards. However, ones must be careful in choosing their deck's build up as not choosing your cards, wisely can really make your battles gets much tougher that it supposed to be. Explaining more about the game play, after completing all of the basic setup, gamer can finally chose between one on one classic duel, which will automatically on once you select the play button. This is ultimate gamer's starting point as before entering other options, they must build their experience and skills level, also named as (ELO). Through this beginning one of duel against other players with similar level, players can start their gaming journey and embark on two available tournaments.

Aside from that classic duel, other battles options being made available are Jackpot Tournament along with Swiss Tournament. As for the former, gamer will be entering a tournament in which they are battling against opponents one by one, while gathering points and trying to reach top spot. Meanwhile, for the latter, it's an eight player group duel, in which gamer will be embarking on three battles and the top two seed are being awarded with special prizes. Other interesting features that can also be found in this outing are: Infernal Pit, which is basically an option for players to burn any cards that they're not keen on having, another important one would be Alter of Wishes, that can be used in getting any cards you wish for, but with several terms need to be concluded before being able to use it.

Regarding the game control, since it's a cross-platform game, there's couple of ways to play it, though both are basically simply ones as those using PC would only need to use their mouse clicks, while ones using tablets or any touch-screen device, can basically tap their screen. Basically, just like any other Card Trading titles, moving things around for this kind of genre is far from complicated, though gamer should still be careful while playing since clicking the wrong option, do opens up a chance to lose any of their battles.

Graphic being crafted for this game is in the medium-high level, which is pretty acceptable for this type of outing as despite offering interesting Might & Magic element, it's basically still a card trading outing, which doesn't have to provide detailed RPG like visualization. However, Ubisoft is a renowned company which are guaranteed in providing quality stuffs for gamer's joy, so those who are trying things out shouldn't be too disappointment with its visual.

This game in definitely an interesting gaming option, mainly for those who are already common with Might & Magic world, or at the very least know all the basic in playing trading cards. Those new gamer, who haven't touch this kind of game, should really figure things out via its instruction along with introduction. It may take a bit of time, before finally getting the hang out of this MMOTCG title, but once they grasp all of those needed details, that addiction factor might start to kick in. Another attractive stuff from this game is that it provides maximum PvP element, which obviously brought interest from any competitive players, who like to test out their skills against others.

Overall, Duel of Champions from Ubisoft is definitely an attractive gaming option, which is well recommended for any Card Trading Game lovers, especially those keen on tasting the Might & Magic realm. However, things might be a little bit too complicated for those who hardly ever played this outing, since it does have specific playing rules, that might made some people losing interest in trying things out. Still, this MMO game, should be given a shot as there's a potentially strong addictive and fun factor once you get the hand of it.

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Duel of Champions

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