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Dungeon Inquisitor

Dungeon Inquisitor Dungeon Inquisitor Review Dungeon Inquisitor is unlike any other game I have ever played before. Ive played one or two text based video games during the 17 years or so Ive been a gamer, but I have never come across something as unique and innovative as this game. Dungeon Inquisitor is best described as a free to play MMO game, but it doesnt have elements that most video games have which makes this game different from all the rest of them. The game starts off with a tutorial with an attractive woman telling you the basics of Dungeon Inquisitor and the games aim. The premise of the game is that you are a keeper of a dungeon and you will have to maintain this dungeon and interrogate any prisoners that you trap there. The main goal is to trap these prisoners to find out more information about them plus you can summon deadly monsters upon them or make them part of your own army too. The power that players have in this game is unlike any other game I have played before it. Usually you are a king of some sort building up a kingdom or you are a sergeant that is in control of some sort of army. These types of games are prevalent in the RTS genre. Dungeon Inquisitor plays more like an old school text based adventure game, albeit you are in charge of a dungeon and not going out on an epic adventure. Not to mention there are some detailed illustrations in this game so its not all just words to read even though this game has a lot of text for you to go through. One of my favorite features of the game is setting traps for you to lure human prisoners. You dont actually get to see anything happen here, but the mere thought of trapping humans is something you dont often see in video games or even movies for that matter. You only have to wait a minute or two until your first human is caught in your trap. There are four options you can do when you capture a human. You can be as cold as ice and execute them immediately, summon them into your own army or you can choose to interrogate them to find out more useful information. You can also release the prisoner of youre feeling kind enough to do so as well. The interrogation button is what you will do for the majority of this game. There are a set of questions that you can ask for each prisoner that you capture and they can either give you useful information or even items for you to trap even more prisoners. Some of these prisoners immediately become your loyal followers and will even offer you help even though you did not intimidate them first. I remember capturing an attractive female huntress who offered herself to be a spy for my army. I let her go so she could become just that. Other questions you can ask prisoners are more personal ones such as if they have any family members. This is a good way to lure even more prisoners into your dungeon because they will not want to see any of their family members getting hurt by your army of demons and other unworldly monsters. You can also type in your own questions for the prisoners to answer, but most of the time they will not answer to questions they wont understand. For example if you asked one of them if they wanted to have beer with you, they wont understand what you are saying. Depending on the outcome of your interrogations, this can lead to varying consequences. Some prisoners might tell you if they have rich relatives. This is very helpful because if you can lure them into your dungeon, you can loot them for more gold. Some of the prisoners might even help you to trap other humans or even offer their services to be a part of your own army as I mentioned before. The possibilities are endless and there are lots of different prisoners you can imprison which makes this game have a lot of playability. As unique and innovative as this game is, its not a title that is appropriate for every type of gamer. For one thing, theres no audio in the game whatsoever. No background music or even any sound effects for when you click on any of the buttons. It can be quite a boring atmosphere playing this game for several minutes. Another thing that may bore some gamers is that it lacks any action or any graphics. All that you are looking at are a bunch of illustrations and lots and lots of text for you to read. Modern video game players that are used to realistic 3D visuals will not be impressed with the less than stellar presentation in Dungeon Inquisitor. Overall, Dungeon Inquisitor is a game that offers gameplay that you rarely see in other games. You can manage your own dungeon to trap and interrogate lots of prisoners. It can be a fun thing to do, although the lack of sound effects and visual flair will displease some people. If youre open to something a little different, then you may find some fun by playing Dungeon Inquisitor.

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