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Legend Knight

Legend Knight Legend Knight is an enthralling web-based RPG Games. Forget repetitive leveling and automatic battles, and steel yourself for intuitive turn-based combat.At the end of the God War the Legend Knights lay broken and exhausted. One brave warrior used the last of his strength to lock away the Demons. Barely retaining the last traces of his sanity he fell into a deep slumber to await the rebirth of the Great Forests. After a thousand years of peace the hero awoke from his sleep, but he had lost his magic and forgotten his past life. Players will assume the role of this wandering warrior, attacking by dungeon, Crypt, Hero Trial, they will gather resources and obtain magical equipment to strengthen the hero. Players can also complete quests and join guilds which they will improve with the help of their guild-mates by Brave Game,Battle Ground,Invaders,Guild Battle, becoming guild leaders. For their efforts they will receive fantastic rewards and become the worlds most powerful warriors. With the help of their allies players will become the mightiest of heroes!

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Legend Knight

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Enjoying Fun and Simple MMORPG with Legend Knight

Knights and dragons might be considered as an 'old' theme for RPG, but that doesn't tone down its popularity among lovers of that genre. That reason seems more than enough in triggering game developer to keep on crafting new titles based on that classic setting, just like what publisher, Proficient City Ltd thought when they unleashed Legend Knight into the MMO market. Just by looking at this game's title, one can already get an idea what kind of adventure they will be experiencing when playing it, which is an intriguing adventure into a medieval fantasy land filled with magic and amazing creatures.

In terms of story, this game have a pretty solid basic premise as it revolves around the journey of one legendary hero in his attempt to once again put down evil force from their attempt in conquering the land. Obviously, gamer will be taking the role as that warrior who somehow awaken from his deep and long 'sleep' only to find out that he must once again fight with strong and fierce evil force. Starting things out, gamer can choose one out of two available classes (warrior and mage) that are also divided based on gender, so players can freely pick whether they're keen on using male or female as their main character. Unfortunately, there's no modification option for the hero, so gamer can't really design their chosen warrior differently from others.

Not having much options for classes is not actually an appealing option indeed, but fortunately the simplicity of this game somehow makes it up as it does offer a unique addictiveness. Gamer can focus on enhancing their hero, while to aid them during battles, they can eventually recruit other warriors to set up a battle team which can devour every enemies. Game lovers can also enhance the level along with skill set of their recruited characters, despite they can't be manually controlled during any battles. Having those additional in game buddies, gamer can notably setup a formation that can maximize their team work in every fights against monsters.

This game's battle system itself is a sort of simple turn-based setup, somewhat similar with any classic RPG, but there's more semi automatic feel about Legend Knight. Normally even in this type of attacking system, gamer can still pick which opponent they're keen on attacking, but the arrangement is set rather randomly at times. That's why arranging the best possible formation can be really essential for players to get the maximum of their hero along with its recruits. There's no normal attack though in this game as players will be given several options of skills which they can choose, with a special attack as well that can inflict bigger damage. Everything is being set in a non complicated setup, so even new gamers can easily catch the drift while playing it without having to make too many adjustment.

The basic game play of this outing is pretty much similar with many other MMORPG, as finishing or as some might say grinding quests are the main activity for those playing this title. There's a hectic run of assignments that needs to be done since not many interaction or exploration opportunity being provided, especially early on, so players are being face with battles after battles since starting out. Although the user interface is pretty nice, but there's a rather annoying communication setup with NPC which can be a turn off. Fortunately, the simple and neat battle setup can somehow pay up for that rather negative technical thingy with the auto-pathing chat system. Aside from normal story-based PvE, gamer must also completed several side quests, especially after certain stages as at times they are required to reach certain level before accessing the next mission.

This game's PvP setup might not be something extraordinary, but there are several fun gaming features that can entertain those who like to challenge others. One unique setup that is also being offered in Legends Knight is Treasure Hunter, where gamer can dig out certain area to search for hidden keys that can help them turn the wheel of fortune. There's also bonus dungeon setup that can help players acquiring items, gold and exp for leveling up quicker since as it was previously explained, certain stages ofter required a fix number of level that might be acquired just by completing the quests normally. Battling against enemies in those dungeons are not too difficult either, but the reward remain exciting enough to collect. Not only by battling here and there, gamer can obviously acquire every currencies in this game by doing micro-transaction, which will earn them many special stuff.

Being staged in an Anime style 2D setup, Legend Knight might not have the best visual out there, especially compared to many other new MMORPG titles, but it still pleasing enough on the eye. However, the design, notably for the NPC can at least get further upgrade as there just too many similar characters which can be rather confusing and in a way ruin players' potential attachment with the basic storyline. The random voice over is a bit off too, but that shouldn't really influence game lovers' interest in enjoying their gaming journey. In all, despite having some minus points, this game is still an interesting option to play with for any RPG enthusiasts, since it somehow have that odd addictiveness feel. Having a simple battle system along with hero recruitment plus fun enhancement process by synthesizing runes into weapon seems to bring that fun gaming element that put game lovers glued into the screen for certain amount of time. In addition with such easy control as gamer can just use one mouse click for every activities, Legend Knight definitely offer that playing comfort for everyone. Being a free-to-play browser based setup also brought many advantages as any gamer can easily try this game out without having much requirement to play.

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