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Nemexia Game Review Nemexia Review Nemexia is a free to play browser based MMORTS video game. Much like any other RTS game, you can choose to play and build up your own faction by yourself, or you can team up and face opponents by forming alliances. Either way, Nemexia is all about becoming the most powerful force in the entire universe. The way you can achieve this is all up to you. The game starts off letting you choose to be one of three factions. The three races/factions include the Confederation, Terteths and Noxis. The Confederation is a human based faction that specializes in having the fastest spaceships in the entire game. The Terteths Union are robots and have strong and powerful ships. Lastly there is the alien faction of the Noxis which have slower ships than the other two factions, but their weapons are more deadly. Once you pick a faction to be, you will start playing Nemexiaís tutorial. Make sure you make your decision wisely as you cannot change your faction midway through the game. The main aim of the game is to take care of your own planet. You have to make sure your planet has strong economics, infrastructure and industry. Your planet is divided into three main areas that include your Resources, Industry and Military areas. You will have to make sure each division is operated efficiently with all of the right building constructed if you want your faction to become as powerful as possible. Much like most other RTS style of games, the pace at the start of the game is pretty slow. Your planet is empty at the start so you will have to construct your own city from scratch. Thankfully, constructing buildings isnít as time consuming as it is with other RTS games Iíve played over the years, but itís still a tedious and monotonous task to do no matter how fast constructed is completed. The most unique aspect of Nemexia is that you can start an alliance of up to three other people. Once you have done that, you can create your own ďteam planetĒ. This gives you the opportunity to share your fleet/army with your teammates which means you can quadruple your firepower. Best of all, is that the planet and be controlled by the entire team. The one thing that disappoints about this game is the battle system. The Nemexia website itself advertises the game and its huge sprawling universe, but you donít have the opportunity to see great space battles unfold. There are numerous ships, armor and weapons available but you unfortunately donít get to control your ships when you call them for battle. Itís one of those RTS games where you are only greeted with a report card at the end... The design of the game is pretty decent I must say. The illustrations of the characters and spaceships are all unique and the overall menu design is pretty stylish. The gameís interface surely fits the science fiction setting of the game and the buttons are all nice and huge. Thankfully, Nemexia is not the type of game that has lots of buttons all over the screen that only confuses the player. One thing about Nemexia that I didnít like is that it has no music or sound effects. This is quite saddening since the game could have had an awesome sounding techno style of soundtrack to compliment the gameís science fiction setting and atmosphere. All in all, Nemexia is a fun yet routine free to play MMORTS game. The game does not include many new features that will appeal to gamers that are not fans of the RTS genre, but itís still a competent and functioning video game that does not suffer from too many bugs and flaws. The science fiction setting and graphics are nice to look at, but too bad the game does not include any fun battle system or any type of audio.

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